Automobile with a Comustion Engine

Instead of a fuel powered car their was finally a fuel powered engine.  Henry Ford came up with it and the assembly line.  By the late 20's their were more cars around, people started dating and vacationing more.  The only color it came in was black.  Later Henry Ford founded the Ford corporation.

Aerosol Sprays

Eric Rothiem invented aerosol cans in 1927. 

Sticky Plasters

Earl Dickson created sticky plaster in 1923.    He created it for his new wife that would always cut or burn herself while trying to clean the house.  Back then all there was, was bandaids that had just come out and wraps which could fall off.  So he came up with the idea and taught his wife so she could put them on herself while he was at work.  Then the idea was given to the company he worked for and thats how we got band aids with sticky plasters on them.

Electrical Sound Recording

In 1924 two men named J.P. Maxfeild and H.C. Harrison came up with the first recording and playing back system of the day.  Earlier systems didn't use microphones or amplifiers so they couldn't reach as long.  Before long the movie companies were picking up the technology.

Fax Service

In 1924 H. Nyquest found a way to perfect telegraphy by faxing instead.  They would basicall photocopy a paper and put it on a spinning machine and send it from Manhattan to Cleveland they took seven minutes each to go through.

Quartz Timekeeping

Warren Marrison made the Shortt Clock in 1921 it had quartz crystals in it so it was like a mechanical clock.  If you put it in an electric currents way then the crystals would vibrate and make the clock work.  It was preffered also because it had no gears and it wasn't as mechanical.

Other Inventions

Sound Motion Pictures-1926 Warners Brothers premired Don Juan which was the first movie to be premired with sound and pictures at the same time.

Negative Feedback-1927 Harold Black came up with the way to correct negative feeback on the phones.

Transatlantic Phone Service-1927 The first phone came from New York to London.

Broadband Coaxical Cable-1929 Lloyd Espenchied and Herman Affel applied for a patent for the first cable.  There was already cables that could take high frequencies but this was the first to take high frequencies over long distances.

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