Iron Lung

The iron lung was invented in 1929 by Philip Drinker.  It helped people that went through respritory failure by blowing air into the lungs and sucking it out.   Many people with polio were able to be kept alive longer from the iron lung.

Hearing Aid

In the 1920's Earl Charle's Hanson perfected and put out it weighed sixteen pounds and came in a large case.


In 1920 Leo Gerstenzang created Q-tips.  He got the idea after he watched his wife clean out their babues ears with a cotton ball stuck on a tooth pick.  At first he used a piece of wood with cotton at each end then changed it to white card board.  When they were first invented they were called Baby Gays.


In 1928 Penicilin was invented by Sir Alexander Flemming after he studied bacteria.    When it was first found the FDA did not approve it so it never became popular until after world war one 
Insulin was made in 1922 by Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best.  They practiced it on dogs first, trying to cure the "sugar disease" which we now cal diabetes.  The paid particular attention to the pancreas and made insulin which lowered the dogs sugar blood levels.

Artificial Larynx

The Artificial Larynx dates back to the 1920's it helped people that had their voice boxes taken out.  Many of the older people that smoke now have the electrical boxes instaled because their voice box got cancer.

Liquid Fuel Rocket

Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard came up with the liquid fuel rocket in 1926.  On March 16 1926 Goddard launched his rocket some people say that his flight was as signifigant as the wright brothers flight.  Goddard even talked about someday making it to the moon.


The machine was created in the 1920's by a swedish chemist named Theodor Svedburg.  The machine can test anything for the amount of gravity it can take with out crushing it.

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